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YON Lighting's Dealers Meet up - 2024

Here is the highlights of our Dealers Meets marked a milestone of collaboration and forging partnerships that light up our path forward. Discover how we are redefining the future of lighting with our dynamic network of dealers.

Electrifying visit of Emiliano Martinez!A day to remember at Santosh Mitra Square Sarbojanin Durgotsab Samity! The star goalkeeper, Emiliano Martinez, brought joy to our beloved city of Kolkata on July 5th 2023. 
Durga Puja Celebrations - 2023Dive into the vibrant world of Durga Puja 2023 with YON Lighting! Our lights added a luminous touch to the festivities, illuminating the joyous celebrations and cultural richness. 
Dealers Meet - 2023The electric atmosphere of the YON Lighting Dealer Meet 2023! A dynamic gathering brought together brilliant minds and bright ideas, illuminating the path for a radiant future. 

YON is a member of a group company that has been supplying traditional and LED lighting, fans, metres, motors, pumps, and household appliances as a manufacturing partner to numerous top multinational corporations in India for 45 years. Currently, the company makes BLDC fans and LED lights under the YON brand in a new factory.

The company creates, manufactures, and distributes BLDC fans and LED lights through a large dealer network, while its product expertise and service partners consistently provide first-rate customer care.

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