YON is a member of a group company that has been supplying traditional and LED lighting, fans, metres, motors, pumps, and household appliances as a manufacturing partner to numerous top multinational corporations in India for 45 years. Currently, the company makes BLDC fans and LED lights under the YON brand in a new factory.

The company creates, manufactures, and distributes BLDC fans and LED lights through a large dealer network, while its product expertise and service partners consistently provide first-rate customer care.

Equipment & Facilities

Before launch the product is developed and validated with rigorous testing protocol. This protocol covers the following tests :

Integrating Sphere

Surge Generator

LED Driver Tester

Thermal Tester

SMD Workstation

Thermal Gun

Hot Plate

True RMS Multimeter

Life Test Rack

Tool Room

Soldering Station

#Our Equipment

Head Office

UT Lamination Private Limited

CB-9A, Railpukur Road

Deshbandhu Nagar, Baguiati,

Kolkata – 700 059

West Bengal, India

Branch Office

UT Lamination Private Limited

#198, CMH Road, 2nd Floor, Suite No.1446

Indiranagar, Second Stage, Bangalore,

Karnataka, India 560 038

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